Our education system

The Hamidiye Education System is our Education System that we apply in our Mosque for our students which benefits from the homeschool system. This is widely seen as an alternative education system in America.

In this model, our students receive their formal education online as well as receiving assistance from real in-person teachers & educators without physically going to school. This allows our students to receive an education that is suited to the religious and moral values of Islam.

For this reason, our students are provided to grow depending on their religious and moral values.

The Hamidiye Education System is a program that has been established, prepared & enriched with these core principles in order to meet all the various needs of any Muslim child.




What is our objective?


Along with the educational, spiritual, social, emotional, mental and physical development of our students;

To raise a generation that have;

Religious & ethical values

Religious discipline (Tarbiyah)

Self Confidence

Are overall Success & Prosperous

our principles

Every single child is extremely valuable to us.

Our method; is based on the individual & not the system.

Our education; moral values ​​and religious culture are essential.

Our training; instead of intensive tutoring, we have a program that aims to allow religious identification & enable a sense of gratification for what is being done.






Personal education

Our priority is to, in the best way possible, indoctrinate & teach the religious values to our students who are in a growing age.

Within a set curriculum, we will be conducting daily lessons on;

Quran al Kareem, Seerah an-Nabawiyyah, Calligraphy, Respect, Manners & Behavior (Adaab) as well as many other lessons on personality development and education that will be issued in an orderly manner.

These weekly activities related to “Personality Education” are shared with our parents each weekend.