Welcome to Islamic Culture Center of Rochester


Who We Are

The Islamic Culture of Rochester is here to convey all of the beauties of our religion Islam.

Our mission is to introduce Allah (s.w.t.) and his Rasul, to teach Qur’an-i Kareem and Akhlaki Muhammedıyyeh to people with the guidance of the Hadith Shareef from our Prophet (S.A.V.) ‘’ The best of people are those who benefit the people’’.

This land is filled with people that worry: ‘’Is there someone to teach my child the Qur’an-i Kareem, to teach the Adab of our Prophet?’’ Millions of Muslims are waiting to be reached out to. The Islamic Culture Center of Rochester offers a helping hand without any materialistic gain or profit: Education Houses, Tahfiz, Qurban, Iftar, and cultural-social projects to enhance the emotion of brotherhood between one another.