Qurbani in Other Countries


“Whoever sacrifices his animal with a happy heart hoping for its reward, his sacrifice will be a shield for him against the fire.”

(Hadith,Faydh Al-Qadir)

Qurbani that has been slaugtered is distributed to the students of Quran and to needy families across the globe.

Qurbani is a cause for Rahmah and Baraqah.



Qurbani in other countries


Preparations of the Qurbani

The intentions of the Qurbani are taken verbally by our Qurbani team formed at our Mosque. According to the intention of the Qurbani and the type of Qurbani, information is delivered to our representatives in the country where the organization will be held.

 There are people in need in Africa, especially in rural areas. The representatives and members in the countries of the region go to regions where animals are most suitable for being a Qurban.

We also offer slaughtering of the Qurbani in the US for our students as well as needy families.

Slaughtering and Distribution of the Qurbani

Representatives in the course of our association perform in accordance with Islamic procedures are made by the experienced teams of our owners.

In each village, family members and tribal leaders are told in their own language that the Qurbanis are a gift from their Muslim brothers. The meat of the Qurbani is distributed equally to the houses.

providing insight About the Qurbani

Now is the time to provide to the Donors the update and good news that their Qurbani has been slaughtered. Donors who share their Qurbani with their African brothers are informed about the country in which their Qurbani are slaughtered.

The cost of a Qurbani in countries in need is $150.

  • You may send your Qurbani to Africa by donating online from our website.
  • You may send your Qurbani to Quran students and needy families in the US by donating online from our website.
  • You may send your Qurbani by making a deposit by calling our Mosque/Representatives and transferring to the account numbers of our Mosque.
  • You may come to our Mosque and deliver your Qurbani and receive a receipt.